New York University

Gas Conversion and Boiler Replacement
New York, NY


In accordance with New York City’s incentive to combat air pollution, New York University retained Lizardos Engineering to conduct surveys for fourteen of their residential buildings to identify the buildings for which improvements could be made.  In addition to evaluating properties to discontinue the use of heavy oil (#6) for natural gas or cleaner burning distillate oil (#2), we also identified oil storage tanks that presented liability issues due to contact with the soil below.


The work scope included evaluation of the existing heating system boilers, burners, fuel pumping systems, and fuel storage systems.  In addition we were tasked to improve energy efficiency by evaluating the option to separate the domestic hot water production as stand-alone equipment to enable a shut down of the larger heating boilers during the summer months. Heating load and domestic water analysis were conducted on the properties to ensure that replacement equipment would satisfy the needs of the building occupants. Upon completion of the study, Lizardos then designed new gas services and boiler or burner replacement at the following locations:

  • 6 - 8 East 18th Street                               
  • 12 - 14 East 18th Street
  • 16 East 18th Street
  • 29 Washington Square West
  • 37 Washington Square West
  • 14 Washington Place

The designs included new gas piping, new boiler or burners, chimney liners and hot water heaters.

Lizardos provided construction administration services at each location, coordinated with Con Edison for the new services, and filed plans.


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  • New York University - Lizardos Engineering Case Study
  • New York University - Lizardos Engineering Case Study




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